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Our Company is sorted out by Janvi Garg with the vision of keeping up for portable, workstation and telephone repair arrangement. Have the best learning in these creation, organization now has more than three workplaces in Mumbai, one of which is the head office that remaining parts india.

Organization has been the best in the present business since few focus bits that consolidates the outstandingly three key-snappy organization, inventive redesigns and substitution and pick/drop outfit. The best comes when we totally watch that customer are amazingly bright because of these settings. Our devotion is the first and driving bond with any client or customer. The incomparable reason behind this is our headway and convenience after your adaptable or compact workstation substitution. Eezeee Cash is built up by Anjali Srivastava with the vision of protecting for adaptable, versatile PC and phone substitution course of action. Have the best contribution in these business, Mobilerepair now has more than three work environments in Mumbai, one of which is the head office that stays india.

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It's for all intents and purposes for all the repair benefits that Display Change /IPS/LCD/ Ampled. IC Repair / Motherboard /Repair speaker Change / micke Change /Jack Change /Receiver Change / Back panel change /Housing Change / Network issue Resolve /Battry Change/ I Phone Specialist Instant Repair

Display Repair

Broken Display substitution, Lines on execution, Blank Display, White light on appear. Speaker, Mic does not running, low tone, broken voice, ringer issue, Loudspeaker issue.

Touchpad Repair

Broken Touchpad, Touch cushion does not work, Touch cushion works in some piece, we settle all. Speaker, Mic does not acting, low tone, cracked voice, ringer quandary, Loudspeaker issue.

Charging / Battery Replacement

Does not charge, battery utilization quick, does not require impeccably. Battery substitution administrations. Speaker, Mic does not working, low tone, split voice.

Wifi Problem

Wifi not appending, Wifi associated but rather web not acting, frail wifi flag, wifi not working. Speaker, Mic does not working, low tone, broke voice, ringer snag, Loudspeaker obstruction. ringer trouble, Diaphragm trouble.

Over Heating

Overheating issue strikes each second cell phone, we guarantee quality repair of your cell phone by our ensured specialists in the blink of an eye.


Here we are discussing the most complex specialized issue that doesn't happen calm regularly yet doubtlessly limits you from utilizing your cell phones.

Signal Issue

It might seem like a minor blame yet these minor flag issues can be a genuine inconvenience for cell phone clients. We guarantee quality cell phone repairs to handle every single flag issue in the blink of an eye.

Water damage

When we discuss cell phones it without a doubt does not make a difference whether it is one drop of water or full submersion in water, it will require specialist's care. We at yaantra repair with mind.

Battery Issues

Tired of undesirable and regular turning on and turning off of your cell phone? Turning off your cell phone to spare battery? Try not to Worry! We will deal with it!

Ram Issue

In enlisting, the term 3 GB prevention insinuates a control of some 32-bit working systems running on x86 chip. It shields the working structures from using all of 4 GB (4 × 10243 bytes) of rule memory (RAM).